ETS' 5G Division: Enhancing Your Properties Value

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Engineered Technology Services: 5G Division engages with wireless carriers throughout the United States to help property owners manage their rooftop and tower properties that have full earning potential.

Your Expectations, Our Goals

As a leader in helping investment property owners maximize their tax deductions, tax credits, and other real estate revenue-generating avenues, ETS' goal is to exceed your expectations earning potential with rooftop wireless leasing. The expansion of 5G technology is a no-risk opportunity your property.

4-Stage Full Service Cycle

ETS clients receive on-going critical support in the following areas:

• Marketing - We make sure your property is directly advertised to key wireless carriers 

• Leasing - We handle all site license agreements with National Wireless Carriers 

• Administration - Our accounting team handles rent payment & other amounts due to building owners 

• Operations - Our 5G team ensures a compliant design installation and process

Benefits Working With ETS

• Increase your opportunities to monetize your real estate investment property

• Create an attractive market valuation for your property assets

• Market property directly to national wireless carriers

• Increase your revenue as well as hassle-free accounting, billing, and collections

Engineered Tax Services, Inc., (ETS) is a licensed engineering firm that focuses on federal, state, and local tax benefits. Founder and CEO, Julio Gonzalez, is an expert in tax reform whose strong presence is helping define our current tax laws. Engineered Tax Services is one of the largest, fastest growing, and most innovative engineering, energy, and specialty tax credit services firm in the country.

ETS’ core business is in helping its clients save millions of dollars by conducting specialty services such as cost segregation, research and development tax credits, energy-efficient studies (179D/45L), and now the expansion into the rooftop tower mark. It is a natural extension of our business model and principles to facilitate the process of assisting our clients in marketing their properties to the cell carriers.


If you are interested in learning about ETS' 5G Technology Division or for a Free Evaluation to determine if your investment property qualifies, contact your ETS Representative Today!



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